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Showing all 41 results

Explore our unique collection of antique rings for a piece that fits your style. For this reason, Lyn Kraft hand selects our rings for their unique styles and high quality. From Antique Art Deco diamond to vintage ruby rings. Therefore, feel free to explore our beautiful collection to find the perfect ring you’ll always enjoy wearing.

Vintage rings from the years 1837-1900, Victorian Engagement Rings were usually constructed of yellow gold. The most popular setting was a halo design. This is when the tradition of engagement and wedding rings became popularized. During the years 1901-1910, floral patterns in ornate platinum filigree were featured on Edwardian Engagement Rings. From the year 1915 until the 1930s Art Deco Engagement Rings were crafted by hand using symmetrical, geometric, and architectural and mil-grain designs. Colored stone accents were often used.

Circa 1940’s saw yellow and rose gold rings make a comeback during the Retro Era. At this time, white gold was in competition with platinum. In the Mid Century period, in the 1950-1980s, the popular choice was heirloom engagement rings.

Do you know the difference between antique, vintage, and estate engagement rings?

Not a regulated industry term, “vintage” often refers to anything 20 years or older. At Lyn’s Estate Jewelry, we consider vintage rings to be produced between the years 1919 and 1950. Any piece over 100 years old is considered to be antique. Thus, an antique engagement ring was made before the Art Deco period. Before 1919. The term “estate” ring means simply that the ring was previously owned and came from an estate. It says nothing about the period of the piece.

We are proud to provide vintage rings to Miami, Atlanta, and New York City and the surrounding areas.