Vintage Pins & Brooches

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We offer vintage pins and brooches gold-dipped, with faux pearls, in porcelain or even with stones. All were created to make a beautiful statement.

Designers from the past had much freedom to create amazing works of art out of precious metal and jewels due to the mere size of a brooch. Whimsical animals are often featured on estate brooches and pins. They were encrusted in beautiful colored stones. Also, stunning flower designs were covered in diamonds. Art Deco pins are the peoples’ favorite of vintge pins and brooches. Hat pins and old shell cameos are also included in this category. As well as the Victorian Era mourning brooches.

Even during the Roman Empire, jewelry makers realized the pin’s expressive powers. Antique decorative brooches that fastened clothing, called fibulas, identified a person’s profession, nobility, rank, or even married status. Faux versions of gemstones and fine metals were taking off in a faux jewelry market during the 18th century.

French fashion houses like Chanel and Schiaparelli along with an explosion of American costume-jewelry manufacturers led a fashion movement that included brooches during the 20th century. At the start of the century, Art Nouveau pins and Art Deco brooches were crafted by U.S. companies like Ciner, Coro, Eisenberg, Hattie Carnegie, Mazer Brothers, Miriam Haskell, and Trifari.

Carefully chosen vintage pins and brooches expresses a lot about a woman. If she’s wearing a rhinestone-studded Christmas pin, she has immediately communicated her feelings for the season. If her winter overcoat is adorned with a colorful Bakelite brooch, she’s signaling her affection for styles from the 1930s. If her blouse is weighted down by an over-the-top floral display, maybe she’s just saying it’s time to enjoy life.