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I started in the Jewelry industry in 1979 while I was in high school. But my passion for jewelry and art started as a young child. I found myself fascinated by diamonds and antiques. I loved the sparkle and scintillation of a pretty diamond and as a 7 year old, I would ask to look at, hold and play with my eldest sister’s engagement ring whenever I saw her. l also loved to frequent the antique shop down the street to buy my mother and aunt small gifts and presents. My summer job in high school was at the neighborhood jewelry store where I learned repair and design which came very easily for me as I am good with my hands.

I had quite an interest to learn many facets of the industry which over the years I developed into my own business. On my own, I have been selling at antique shows for over 20 years after having owned and operated galleries in several states between 1985 to 1992 which occurred during my 12 plus years of friendship and marriage to my business partner and husband. I now do a limited number of shows and have my online business. I vend in West Palm Beach, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. I used to vend in Charleston, South Carolina among other places. I always look for unique and interesting items brought to you from here and abroad. I hope you enjoy your time exploring, browsing and purchasing magnificent treasures to add to your collection.

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