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Miami Art Deco Jewelry

Miami and Miami Beach have long been famous for a source of fine art deco jewelry. The Miami Art Deco District was designated on May 14, 1979, as a U.S. Historic District. This area is considered to be the best example of this particular architectural style.

Designers such as René Lalique and Cartier introduced colorful gemstones, such as small emeralds, rubies and, sapphires, in the 1920s and 1920s in an attempt to slow the dominance of diamonds. They created elaborate settings, using cheaper materials, making the pieces more readily available to the public. They used enamel, glass, horn, and ivory.

The 1925 Exposition

Visitors to the 1925 Exposition were introduced to a large number of diamonds cut in the shape of matchsticks, resembling tiny rods. Diamond settings also became different. Many jewelers started to use platinum which is more flexible and stronger than gold. For this reason, it was easier to set stone clusters. In order to create a stronger contrast, they would use black onyx and enamels.

Styles and colors became much more diverse in jewelry items. Gemstones were cut into the shapes of fruit, leaves and, flowers. From these they would create brooches, rings, earrings, clips, and pendants. Themes from the Far East also became immensely popular during this period. Combining diamonds and platinum, beautiful plaques of jade and coral were created. Japanese and Chinese landscapes were featured on powder boxes, cigarette cases and vanity cases using mother-of-pearl, lacquer, and enamel.

1920s Fashion & Art Deco Jewelry

Clothing fashions were changing rapidly during the 1920s which brought the need for new styles of jewelry. Dresses were now sleeveless which presented arms in need of decoration. Bracelets were quickly created by designers using platinum, silver, and gold encrusted with colorful stones such as lapis-lazuli, coral and onyx. Many women wore many bracelets at the same time, including those intended for the upper arms. Since their haircuts were now shorter, women were eager to show off their elaborate art deco earrings. Women were also beginning to smoke in public which called for the manufacture of fancy cigarette cases and cigarette holders made from ivory.

Art Deco Jewelry

World War I brought the invention of the wristwatch and jewelers were soon inspired to create magnificently designed watches plated with enamel, silver, gold and encrusted with diamonds. Fashionable pendant watches were hung from a ribbon.

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Miami is exploding with culture. From its world-class dining to its breakout performers and Art Deco landscapes, Miami is being noticed. And the world is paying attention.

A great part of that culture is fashion. Not just high fashion. There are also those, fashionistas and regular people, who appreciate the beauty from years gone by and express their style with the uniqueness of vintage and antique jewelry. Like a beautiful work of art, vintage and antique jewelry in Miami was made to be worn and displayed.

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