Selling your Jewelry to Lyn

In order to keep my inventory interesting and exciting for my customers, I need to buy jewelry from other jewelers, individuals or estates. Each method requires a different approach and I have extensive experience with all three methods. My objective, of course, is for everyone to be happy with the exchange so that we will continue to work together.


If you are a jeweler who is looking to sell some of your inventory, I am always on the lookout for great pieces for my customers. Sometimes, I have a specific item or style that I know will appeal to my customers. Since I want the best price for my customer, I will drive a hard, but fair bargain.


Individuals who are not familiar with the jewelry business need someone who can help them with the sale of their jewelry items. I have found, over the years, that most people are disappointed with the prices they are quoted for a treasured item. No one will the retail price for an item because the item must be resold to someone. Sometimes I can sell your item to another individual and other time I need to sell to another jeweler who will demand a lower price than an individual.  I will always try to give you the best price possible.


If you are liquidating an estate, I will professionally appraise the collection. Since I have been very active in estate jewelry liquidation over the years, you will benefit immensely from my experience. Estate sales require a different approach than an individual or a

jeweler. The surviving family members usually remove from the estate the pieces most important to them. Normally, I meet with a representative of the estate at a convenient location to appraise the collection and determine whether I will buy any or all of the pieces.  When we agree on a price, I pay the representative who collects the money on behalf of the estate and the jewelry is added to my inventory.

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